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2012-06-26 18:34:42 by NoUser



The Cinnamon Challenge

2012-04-06 12:49:17 by NoUser

Hope you like it.

The Cinnamon Challenge

Goodbye, Edd.

2012-03-30 18:54:36 by NoUser

I will miss you very much, Edd. We will remember you forever.
You will always be for me the best animator ever.

Here's my tribute.

Goodbye, Edd.

They aren't getting very good reviews, but I don't care. I've created two movie parodies (Chronicle and Project X) and I probably do more. Any horror movie? I don't know.

Yes, my animations sucks.

Project X

Movie Parodies: Project X and Chronicle

Yes guys, Newgrounds deleted my short animation "The Gun". But do not worry, you can still see the animation on the following link:

The Gun (Short)

I did another animation, this time with a zombie. Here you have the link so you can see the animation.


New animations + Next one

2012-02-12 13:23:42 by NoUser

A few hours ago I published The Lollipop (yesterday I said I would publish it). A few minutes ago I published a new animation called The Headphones, another stupidity.

Tomorrow I will upload an animation called The Gun, and logically there will be blood. I leave you with a picture of The Gun.

New animations + Next one

Next animation: The Lollipop

2012-02-11 13:23:38 by NoUser

I have already prepared a new animation for tomorrow. It's called "The Lollipop" and will be too LOL for you. Yesterday I published the first part of The Cube and today I posted two more. The serie is over. Now for future animations. See you!

Next animation: The Lollipop

The Cube

2012-02-10 14:25:31 by NoUser

The Cube will be a series of animations related to a man who wakes up in a strange cube where there is a box. What's in that box? How did he get there? Will he leave out?

The Cube Part 1
The Cube Part 2
The Cube Part 3 (Last part)